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akshara the techno school, Hyderabad, Kukatpally
AISHWARYA VIDYA NIKETHAN, Hyderabad, Chikkadpally
Eurokids Thuraipakkam, Chennai, Okkiyam Thuraipakkam
Cadence School of Music and Arts (CSMA), Hyderabad, Banjara Hills
Testing_School, Hyderabad, Aghapura

Make a school website Instantly has online tools and a detailed framework to help schools build websites in less than an hour.

Just an hour to set up
  • No installation and infrastructure setup
  • Pre developed school templates
  • Only a basic internet connection is needed
Easy to use
  • There is no technical expertise needed
  • Instantly access and update information anytime, anywhere
  • Easy intuitive interface
  • Pay nothing for website development and new features setup
  • Only initial setup charges and monthly hosting charges
  • Free website URL

Customizable Content

All the content on the website is completely editable. Information can be changed any time and any where.

  • Editable structured content such as information about the school can be modified.
  • Free flowing data about the school and activities in the school can be added in the form of custom web pages of the school.
  • Downloadable Documents can be added to be available to all visitors of the website or only logged in users.
  • The look of the website can be changed dynamically from pre existing templates.
  • New and unique templates can be developed for the individual school.
  • Transport routes for the various modes of transport provided by the school can be displayed.

Student/Teacher Logins

Create individual logins for teachers, students and school administrators. Each user gets his/her individual mail box and they can message and interact with the other users.

  • Customized web page based on the role of the user. Only those actions which the user can perform based on the users role will be allowed.
  • Data security is provided based on the login of the user.
  • Information only pertaining to the user is displayed when the user logs in.

News and Updates

News and updates can be published on the website on a regular basis and this news is shown on the home page of the website using a scrolling ticker.

This information can also be sent to all the users who are part of the school in the form of an SMS updating them on the activites and events in the school.

Online Enquiries

Visitors to the website can send enquiries to the administrators of the school from the website. The enquiry form captures the name and phone number of the user posting the enquiry and mails the administrators who have been configured to receive the enquiry.

Administrators can reply to an enquiry and then track it to closure using the status on the enquiry.

SMS Messaging

The website can be used to send SMS messages to one or more users who have been setup in the school. A bulk SMS is sent out to all the users instantly.

This facility is useful in keeping the parents of the children informed of events and activities that are happening in the school.

Photo Gallery

A fully featured photo gallery is available. The photo album can be used to showcase the facilities of the school and to also display photos of events and activities happening in the school. Unlimited number of photo albums can be added by the school.

Administrators can
  • Add/Modify photo albums
  • Add/Modify photos in an album
  • Give a title to a photo and the album
  • Customize the photo that is displayed on the cover of the album

Curriculum Management

The syllabus to be taught in each of the classes can be displayed on the website.

The time table of each class and section can also be displayed on the website.

School Calendar

The school calendar is used to display on the website the list of holidays for the school and also the events of the school. The following types of events can be displayed on the school calendar

  • Public holidays of the school
  • Term holidays that have a start date and an end date
  • Events and activities happening in the school